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Irregular block builders in Australia

Constructing on an irregular lot? Learn how to make it work!

Navigating the complexities of home construction is an art in itself. However, when building on an irregular lot, there are many twists and turns. Yet, in this unique challenge lies an opportunity to build something beautiful that can transcend the conventional. Learn how to build your dream home on an irregular block.

What is an irregular block?

An irregular block is any lot that is not square or rectangular, with an asymmetric shape. It can be circular, triangular or something with more than four sides. Other major examples include truncated blocks and hatchet-shaped lots.

Irregular blocks are notorious to deal with, as most of them are very narrow or sit on sloping plots. However, partnering with the right custom home builder would help make the journey incredibly rewarding.

Pros of irregular blocks:

  • Less costly than standard blocks
  • Give you unique opportunities in architecture and design
  • Have excellent development and investment potential

Cons of irregular blocks include:

  • Need to hire experienced custom home builders
  • The construction process can be complicated and daunting
  • Requires a lot of paperwork (council requirements, building restrictions, etc.)

Do you have an irregular building lot?

Building on an irregular block can be challenging, but it can also create a unique experience. If you need help designing and building a house on an irregular block, there are some crucial things you need to consider before construction.

Let’s explore these considerations to help you get a better idea of irregular block home designs and construction:

1. Hire an irregular block builder

Your block may have a slope or some geotechnical issues. So, it is best to get professionals to tackle these issues. Rather than hiring a standard home builder, hire a customer home builder experienced in developing irregular blocks.

Irregular home builders already have a network of experts who can achieve the results you’re looking for. Plus, they can help you maximise the space on your irregular lot, creating a unique design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Design according to building codes

Innovation and creativity are key to constructing practical irregular lots, but the construction and design process must adhere to the local or national building codes. Thus, work closely with your builder. They will help you research and understand local zoning regulations, building codes or any restrictions that might apply to irregular block home designs. While working with your custom home builder, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • How the home will interact with the streetscape
  • What should be the minimum outdoor space
  • How much space the landscaping would cover
  • How environmentally sensitive the block design is

3. Be creative with your floor plan

Be bold and think outside the box when planning your floor plan. Come up with a unique design that takes advantage of the irregular shape of your block. For instance, you can build a floor with a triangular footprint if you have a triangular block.

Also, consider building up instead of out. This means constructing a two-story home, adding a loft or including a split-level design to adapt to changes in elevation.

4. Focus on landscaping

Your irregular block design not only includes the bedroom and living room; it also includes your backyard and outdoor spaces. Irregular blocks have a lot of landscaping potential, allowing you to add features and fun outdoor living zones.

For instance, you can make the most of landscaping with a vegetable garden or a pool. As long as you adhere to the regulations set by the council, you can design your outdoor space to disguise the irregular shape of your lot.

5. Make the most of sunlight

Some custom home builders include irregular angles in their home designs for natural light. So, if you are building on an irregular block, have bay windows or floor-to-ceiling windows at one angle, especially at the smallest angle.

In addition to that, you can also opt for a wrap-around balcony to increase your outdoor space. This would help you improve both natural light and ventilation.

Final thoughts on irregular blocks

An irregular block is a design challenge, yet an excellent opportunity to create something unique. It can be the perfect place to raise your family, retire or resell. With a little creativity and planning, you can build a functional and stylish home. And if you are ready to build an odd-shaped block, contact an irregular block builder today.

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