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Custom vs. pre-designed home: Which one is better and why?

When looking for a new home, you may come across two options: custom and pre-designed homes. Since everyone has unique preferences regarding their dream home, choosing the right solution can be challenging. However, there are pros and cons to consider when deciding between these two types of home design solutions.

In this write-up, our team of custom home builders will discuss custom and pre-designed homes in detail. After that, you can compare your requirements and pick the best option. Let’s begin with a quick overview.

Overview of pre-designed homes

As the name suggests, these homes are already designed where designers make all the selections in a short time. Pre-designed homes are quicker to build and a great deal for homebuyers who want to shift to a new house as soon as possible. The main characteristics of pre-designed homes include the following:

  • The home and land can both be priced in a single package.
  • You can choose from a wide range of standardised house plans.
  • You can select design elements from predetermined product categories.
  • Build time is generally faster at the expense of customisation.

Advantages of pre-designed homes

Pre-designed homes are usually less expensive compared to customised ones. You only must pick the location and design to get such a house. Then contact a quality home builder to construct the house. The process is simple and makes sense if you want to shift to a new place. Other than that, pre-designed homes are more convenient and timesaving, which means there is no need to wait longer to move to a new home.

Disadvantages of pre-designed homes

There might be no uniqueness in such a property. You might see similar homes in your neighbourhood. This is because of the need for customisation. So, if you desire a unique home, a pre-designed home is not the perfect option. Additionally, you may have to compromise on small things, including the infrastructure and construction materials.

Overview of custom homes

A custom home is what it sounds like. It’s a unique home where you collaborate directly with an architect, draftsman, contractor, and a custom home builder. Plus, it lets you plan every detail about the home’s construction, layout, floor and finish. The main characteristics of custom homes include:

  • You have to buy land before the building process kicks off
  • It requires you to work closely with an architect and homebuilder.
  • You can choose the home’s layout, features and functional amenities.
  • Custom home builders oversee the construction of the plan – both interior and exterior

Advantages of custom homes

If your dream home has specific requirements, you can fulfil your needs by designing and constructing it from scratch. You can pay attention to tiny details to enhance the perfect design. Custom homes allow you to choose suitable construction materials and appliances, such as paints, concrete, windows, frames, weather protection systems, etc. Also, you can save money on energy bills by opting for energy-efficient solutions.

Disadvantages of custom homes

It usually takes much time to build a custom home. This is simply because you will need to customise every little detail. You might have to wait longer to shift with your family until the construction is done. Also, custom homes require you to install new utilities. Therefore, the overall cost could be high.

The bottom line

There are pros and cons to both of these home design options. So, it all comes down to your tastes, needs and preferences. Whether you are searching for a pre-designed home or a luxury custom home, let us know! Whichever home design path you take, you can trust the architectural experts at Dureka Homes, who will help you throughout the process. Providing both from scratch and pre-designed plans, we ensure that you’re in the right hands.

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