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Demolishing your old house? Here’s everything you need to know

The decision to demolish your old home is a big one, especially if you are going to rebuild afterwards. The process is known as knockdown rebuild, which is a more affordable way to build the home of your dreams in the same location. While rebuilding seems fun, the demolition process is often overlooked.

Demolishing an existing home isn’t a straightforward process. It requires you to sign with an experienced knockdown rebuild builder. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Should you demolish your old house?

The decision entirely depends on your current needs and economics. If the property is in a deplorable condition, then it makes sense to demolish the structure. Furthermore, make sure the house you are getting after the knockdown rebuild is worth the total expense. Other reasons to knockdown your old home include:

  • Your house has structural issues that are beyond repair
  • Local councils have height, width and length restrictions
  • The existing house doesn’t give you space for additions
  • It requires so many renovations that are costlier than a new home

How much does it cost to demolish a house?

The cost of knocking down your house varies and there is no exact figure. It depends on several factors, such as the size of the property, cost of waste material disposal, equipment used and fees of the hired knockdown rebuild builder.

Learn how to keep the cost of home construction down.Follow these tips if you are planning to embark on a knockdown rebuild journey:

  • Demolition can be a bit lengthy, so it is recommended to weigh the pros and cons before you make the final decision.
  • Take care of waste materials like concrete and ensure that your neighbours are not hassled by the demolition.
  • Before re-modelling the house, consider the municipal floor plans to avoid any legal hurdles later on.
  • Get the necessary permits, such as obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the public utility departments.
  • Decide who is going to manage the demolition project. In other words, hire the best builders in Melbourne.

5 steps you need to take to ensure seamless demolition

Demolishing a home can be complex and potentially hazardous. It is a systematic process that requires careful planning and consideration. To ensure a hassle-free demolition process, follow these general steps:

Step 1: Get the initial consultation

The very first step toward getting your old house demolished is getting your property inspected by a reliable knockdown rebuild builder. Determine the building and scope of the work. Use this information to get a quote for the whole demotion project.

Step 2: Obtain necessary permits

To proceed with your on-site knockdown, you will need some necessary permits. For example, you may need a Development Application (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC). You can get the DA from your local council and the CDC from your builder. Also, be sure to hand out notices to your neighbouring properties, letting them know about the demolition.

Step 3: Prepare the site

The next step is to make the area safe for the demolition. This means disconnecting existing services and utilities. Before knockdown commences, get in touch with your gas, electricity and water supplier to disconnect these services. If there are any air conditioners, HVAC systems or water pumps, disconnect them before starting demolition.

Step 4: Start the demolition

This is where the real fun begins! With all the preparations in place, the knockdown rebuild builder will begin the demolition process, following the plan and safety guidelines. This can be done using either manual labour or machinery. Mechanical demolition is generally more efficient and affordable. It requires using excavators and other heavy machinery to execute the demolition.

Step 5: Clean up the site

Once demolition is done, the final step is the removal of all debris from the process. Due to the disposal requirements of individual materials, removal can be a confusing task for homeowners. Thus, it is crucial to seek help from your demolition company. Conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the site is free from hazards and all debris and waste.

So, these are the steps you need to follow when demolishing your old home. If you need help with your next knockdown rebuild project, get in touch with the best builders in Melbourne. Don’t forget to ask these questions when hiring a knockdown rebuild builder.

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