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How to make the most of an odd-shaped home block in 2024?

So, you have bought a block of land to build your new home in 2024, but it is irregular or odd in shape. An irregular block of land is any block that is not square or rectangular in shape. It has an asymmetric shape or an unusual number of sides.

These odd-shaped lots are notorious for being challenging to develop. However, when you partner with a specialist irregular block builder, you may find building on these blocks incredibly rewarding.

Building on an odd-shaped block of land in 2024

Building on an irregular block of land can be challenging. The site is often difficult to access and can add to the overall cost of the construction. You want to have it built, but normal designs by mass home builders do not fit on your block. Thus, it is better to search for irregular block designs that you can customise as per your unique needs.

Ready to make the most of an irregular home block? Here are some essential tips to help you maximise the potential of your irregularly shaped property:

1. Inspect the site

First thing first, you need to understand your site to make the most of it. This means analysing the shape and size of your block of land. Identify any unique features, challenges, or opportunities that the irregular shape presents.

Get an irregular block builder to inspect the odd-shaped site. These experts know how to best utilise an odd-shaped space. Plus, they may also have a network of landscape architects and designers who can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.

2. Choose a custom house plan

Trying to squeeze a cookie-cutter home onto an odd-shaped block of land is a recipe for disaster. So, instead of a standard house plan, choose a custom plan or an irregular home design. It will help you maximise the utility and liveability of your future home.

A custom home design means you can work closely with a team of experts who are experienced in dealing with odd-shaped home blocks. They are able to work with any geographic feature or site constraint. Plus, you can easily make changes and adjustments to the existing plan instead of working with numerous architects and contractors.

3. Comply with regulations

While also looking at other potential setbacks, make sure that your home design complies with local and state regulations. Again, working with an experienced irregular block builder is a win-win strategy. Be sure to design your home with these considerations in mind:

  • What your minimum outdoor area should be
  • How your home interacts with the streetscape
  • How much space the landscaping can cover
  • How environmentally sensitive your home is

4. Consider land orientation

Think about which way your home is allowed to face and how sunlight is going to enter it, particularly living spaces and outdoor areas. Make sure that your home takes the best advantage of the sun. This means not only creating bright spaces but also increasing the energy efficiency of your home and keeping costs down.

In Australia, the sun spends most of the time passing over the north during the day. Thus, we advise you to look for a north-facing block without too much slope.

5. Embrace ventilation

Ask your custom home builder to use irregular angles in home designs for ventilation. You can consider bay windows or floor-to-ceiling windows at small angles. Also, if you want the area to be more open, choose a wrap-around balcony that will help increase your outdoor space and improve ventilation.

Another great way to make the most of ventilation is to build up, not out. Building a multi-storey house means you don’t have to compromise on size and liveability. Plus, you can enjoy picturesque views.

Final thoughts on irregular block designs

Just because a site is “tricky” doesn’t mean the home project is a no-go. The key is to plan everything. An experienced irregular block builder can provide savvy solutions if you are willing to build on an irregular block of land. Make sure that you are involved from the start. If it’s a bit too late, you may have to redesign which can add to the overall cost.

To discuss your irregular home design project, please contact us!

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